Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sockapaloooza Package

I guess I should put up a pic of the package that I sent to my sock pal. I mailed the package on time but I just have not gotten around to posting this picture yet because I was so busy getting ready for my craft shows last weekend. So here it is!

Sockapaloooza package

I included a bar of Maple fudge that is made around the corner from my house and for a post card I used a Wayne Gretzky post card. Nothing says Brantford like Wayne Gretzky! We have streets, lesiure centers and charity events all named after him. Also, my pal's socks were worked on beside his father, Walter one morning when I went out for breakfast at the local diner. In true Canadian fashion I just pretended I didn't know that he was there LOL! I thought afterwards that it might have been neat to get him to sign something for my pal. I always get good ideas too freakin' late! I hope my pal gets the socks soon though, I saw that she posted that her pal had gotten her package but that she had not recieved hers yet. EEP! I hope there is no problem with customs thinking my socks are suspicious! I am happy though because even after I sent them I still was not sure if she would like the colour or not but she posted that she likes purples and especially plums and dusty purples and that is pretty close to the colour of these socks. YAY!

I joined project spectrum today and I already have a project to work on. Tom's much neglected green cherry tree hill socks. They have been neglected because I thought that having two extra ounces of yarn would be enough to make his socks longer in the leg, about 10 inches but apparently I was wrong. I am going to get back at them now and rip out what I have alread done and then add in some bands of black at the top as well as for the heels and the toes. I scored an odd ball of Kroy sock yarn for $1 at my LYS and it will work perfectly.

My craft shows went well this past weekend. I sold more than the last time plus I scored some knitting goodies. At the table across from me there was some hand painted bulky wool so I got a ball in purples and greens and across the room there was Sweetie Pie Press selling her cute pins and I got one of the Knit Till You Die ones as well as a few other cute ones.


Blogger Michelle said...

I got them! I got them...I am going to post about their ultimate beauty and fantabulousness on my blog tonight or tomorrow....I cannot tell you how thrilled I am with them...they are so beautiful...the colors...your knitting skills....thanks soooo much....
and ofcourse I was thrilled to get a postcard of Wayne Gretzky...I grew up an hour south of hockey was really big there :) thank you ....thank you....thank you

11:38 AM  
Blogger yamamama said...


This is your sock pal. How do your socks fit? Do you like them?


11:56 AM  

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