Tuesday, July 04, 2006

My Sockapaloooza Pal

Wow!!! I didn't realize it had been quite this long. I did receive my socks from my pal and they are WONDERFUL!! I had been waiting to take a pic of them but my camera had crapped out on me. So I will have to describe them. They are really nice and fluffy, super soft wool in shades of reds and purples, my favourites!!! I love them so much, thank you sock pal!!

Hopefully I will get a picture of them soon!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Sockapaloooza Package

I guess I should put up a pic of the package that I sent to my sock pal. I mailed the package on time but I just have not gotten around to posting this picture yet because I was so busy getting ready for my craft shows last weekend. So here it is!

Sockapaloooza package

I included a bar of Maple fudge that is made around the corner from my house and for a post card I used a Wayne Gretzky post card. Nothing says Brantford like Wayne Gretzky! We have streets, lesiure centers and charity events all named after him. Also, my pal's socks were worked on beside his father, Walter one morning when I went out for breakfast at the local diner. In true Canadian fashion I just pretended I didn't know that he was there LOL! I thought afterwards that it might have been neat to get him to sign something for my pal. I always get good ideas too freakin' late! I hope my pal gets the socks soon though, I saw that she posted that her pal had gotten her package but that she had not recieved hers yet. EEP! I hope there is no problem with customs thinking my socks are suspicious! I am happy though because even after I sent them I still was not sure if she would like the colour or not but she posted that she likes purples and especially plums and dusty purples and that is pretty close to the colour of these socks. YAY!

I joined project spectrum today and I already have a project to work on. Tom's much neglected green cherry tree hill socks. They have been neglected because I thought that having two extra ounces of yarn would be enough to make his socks longer in the leg, about 10 inches but apparently I was wrong. I am going to get back at them now and rip out what I have alread done and then add in some bands of black at the top as well as for the heels and the toes. I scored an odd ball of Kroy sock yarn for $1 at my LYS and it will work perfectly.

My craft shows went well this past weekend. I sold more than the last time plus I scored some knitting goodies. At the table across from me there was some hand painted bulky wool so I got a ball in purples and greens and across the room there was Sweetie Pie Press selling her cute pins and I got one of the Knit Till You Die ones as well as a few other cute ones.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

As requested...

finnished sock pictures!

grape waffle socks

The only problem now is that I blocked them a little too agressively and they didn't dry overnight like I had planned. That's ok though, they are hanging out in the sun now and should dry in no time. I will package them up and put them in the post when I go out later tonight. One of our postal outlets has a very late pickup time for their parcels so they will still get on their way today.

Sunday, April 30, 2006

Almost There

In a departure from the usual I am actually almost done my sockapaloooza two days before the deadline! YAY!! All I have left is weaving in the ends at the top of the legs on both socks, block them and I will be able to mail them away bright and early on the due date! I don't have a pic today but I will try to post one tomorrow before I set them to block. They really turned out nice though, I am pretty happy with them.

Sunday, April 16, 2006

I'm still here

Heh, I knew I wouldn't be good at keeping up with this! Oh well. Here is a pic of my sockapalooza sock progress.

Purple sock pal sock

I know it seems like I am not doing too good but I knit fast and I have no worries. I only started this sock a couple days ago and have already passed the gusset decreases. I am knitting it out of Fleece Artist superwash merino sock yarn in a varigated purple. For the pattern I am using one of the formulas out of Sensational Knitted Socks with the waffle rib pattern. My sock pal has large-ish feet and I like to knit socks fairly tightly so I am using 72 stitches and size 1 needles. I had really been hoping for some wild colourway from Fleece Artist but my LYS only had muted colours or combinations that I was not too thrilled with so I went back to my stash for this yarn. It was purchased In London, Ont last year when I went to hear the Yarn Harlot read from her book. So this yarn has super Canadian knitting karma!

Monday, February 27, 2006

I did it!!!!

I made it!!! I finnished all three pairs of socks for the knitting olympics!!

I got a bit panicked on thursday when I hadn't yet started the last sock and I thought that the flame was going out on Saturday. I still had all of the end weaving to do too! After some frantic knitting I looked at the calendar and realized I had until Sunday! Phew!!! I actually managed to finnish late saturday afternoon. I also had a bit of a freak out when I realized half way through the first sock of the last pair that I did not have quite as much sock yarn as I had thought and was quickly running out. I lucked out and the LYS had an extra ball, not the same dye lot but close enough for socks!! The only thing is that one sock is nicely varigated but the second has some major pooling. I don't mind it but I wish both of them pooled, it looks cool.

My hands are sore now, I think I will start on a pair of nice thick bulky socks for a break.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Getting the hang of things

I'm muddling my way through all the html but I think I'm making it work!

I am thinking of maybe signing up for the knitting olympics over at Yarn Harlot and using my sockapaloooza socks as the material to work on. For the most part I have not strayed from simple ribbed sock patterns yet and it may be interesting to try it. I have wanted the socks as my travel/mindless sitting around waiting knitting so the ribbing suited just fine. I am thinking that if my sock recipient is accepting I will try my hand at a more complex pattern that will actually take some thought and effot. I am also intrigued by knitting socks from the toe up. For my birthday I induldged myself with some Multiringel from Red Bird Knits and decided to get a copy of the Fall 2005 Vogue Knitting to go with it since I had been drooling over the circular jacket thingy on the front cover(in a different colourway though, something a bit more subtle). There is an article in it about a Turkish cast on that leaves you with a joined piece of knitting that it says is perfect for socks or bags where you don't want a seam. It didn't look too hard to manage so I might just have to try it.